CBJO Is the online identity of Joakim Olsson


CBJO – Created by Joakim Olsson

I’m a self taught illustrator and designer currently residing in Umeå, Sweden. I’ve worked at a couple of agencies in Sweden. In 2011 I decided to take my freelance business to a higher level.  My strength in design is that I have a good eye for details and aesthetics. I am very versatile and I would say that I have a pretty creative brain.

I am also a partner in an advertising agency in Sweden called Jo Kommunikation.

Allstar / Swoosh / Marketin / Academics / Berghs / One Nordic / Hemligaklubben / Mojazz / Since / Umeå C / Bynor / EkonomiNord / Värmehjälpen / Nymans / Centrala Trafikskolan / Garfinkels / MediaCenter / Plakat / Nocopy / Mates of Mine / Svidden / Mr Pleasure Hands / Wallner / Umeå Retromarknad